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Full name:
Rune Skaug
Current position:
Pre-sales consultant, Oracle
+47 90995161


I have been in the business of IT and software development since 1997, when I started a consulting business[1] to help fund my last year of studies. For the next two years I was designing web sites and developing internet/intranet applications while finishing my studies and while spending a year as a conscript in the Norwegian army. After this, I worked a few years as a software developer/systems consultant in three smaller companies, sharpening my skills as a Delphi/Windows developer.[2][3][4] In the same period I was involved in a few freelance projects, which gave me a solid competence in web development and standards.

From February 2003 until June 2004 I was in Melbourne, doing a Master of Management degree at Monash University[5] where I was given a solid introduction to some new areas of the world of business, sparking my interest in, and giving me knowledge about subject areas such as organisational theory, human resource management, leadership, and personal development.

After the master studies I worked as a consultant in different projects, first as a freelancer, and after six months I signed with a local consultancy, Marcello[6], where I worked for almost a year and a half, mainly as a developer on a J2EE application for mobile operator Netcom. In June 2006 I decided to put software development on hold for a while, and joined Oracle[7] as a pre-sales consultant, where I have been involved in most of the Norwegian SOA / middleware wins since I joined.

As an employee I have a healthy and positive attitude towards work. I am open and easy going, and communicate in a way that creates trust and confidence. I know most of my strengths and limitations on both professional and personal levels. I work well in teams and alone, I am strong under pressure, and deliver on my promises. I also strongly appreciate the social aspect of a workplace, thus I always try to find time to socialise through sports activities, playing music, or just doing "stuff" together.

This makes my customers, colleagues and employers appreciate me and my efforts, and I receive plenty of positive feedback on both my performance and attitude.

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Professional experience

06/2006 - present Oracle, Lysaker, Norway
Technical resource in sales processes, doing product presentations, proposal writing and product consultation, as well as hands-on work such as proof-of-concepts/pilots and customer specific problem-solving. I also work with our partners, giving presentations, workshops, or assisting in their sales cases.
Faglig kompetanse: Produktpresentasjon, kundehåndtering, Proof-of-Concepts
Teknisk kompetanse: Tjenesteorientering generelt, Oracles produkter innen SOA, integrasjon og Java-utvikling, XML-*/WS-*, ESB, tjeneste-/prosess-orkestrering, BPM
02/2005 - 05/2006 Marcello Systems, Oslo, Norway
Consultant Consultant and developer, primarily working on the administrative web application for Netcom's mobile switchboard application, but also other, smaller projects, as well as on internal systems and processes.
Faglig kompetanse: Planlegging, utvikling og utplassering av større web-applikasjoner, samt planlegging og prising av tilhørende prosjekter
Teknisk kompetanse: Java/J2EE, Ant/Subversion, Cocoon, XML-*, Javascript/DOM, PHP, BEA Weblogic, Oracle 10g, MS SQL Server
02/2002 - 02/2003 [Testimonial] KDO Consulting, Oslo, Norway
Part of the development team for a staffing/resource planning application, used primarily in local governments and Norwegian health sector. I was responsible for tech support and integration with other systems, and I did some general consulting and solution implementation at our different customers.
Faglig kompetanse: Turnussystemer, kundehåndtering, systemintegrasjon
Teknisk kompetanse: Delphi, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, JBuilder
11/2000 - 10/2001 [Testimonial] Geox Internet Solutions, Oslo, Norway
Systems developer,
Technical manager
Development and maintenance of production- and reporting systems for internal use (client/server), as well as writing generic web application components for our customers' web pages.
Faglig kompetanse: Utvikling av generelle web-komponenter
Teknisk kompetanse: Delphi, MSSQL, HTML/Javascript/CSS.

In May 2001 I was assigned the role of Technical Manager, which presented me with a set of new responsibilities, including personell responsibility for our systems administrator. We ended up going through some rough times, and the company was declared bankrupt in October 2001.
Faglig kompetanse: Teknisk ledelse, arbeidslivets farer og feller
Teknisk kompetanse: Domeneadministrasjon, IIS, Nettverk, Mail, DNS.
05/1999 - 10/2000 [Testimonial] HubShop, Ski, Norway
Systems developer Responsible for maintenance and development of our Oracle databases, as well as development of our web applications, which were product databases and B2B market places. We outsourced the software development to partners in Sri Lanka, and I was one of the key players in this transfer.
Faglig kompetanse: B2B, RUP, outsourcing
Teknisk kompetanse: Oracle SQL/PL-SQL, Delphi, XML/XSLT, HTML/CSS/Javascript.
08/1998 - 06/1999 [Testimonial] Norwegian Army Material Command (HFK), Oslo, Norway
Conscript /
Oracle developer
Worked as a project staff member in one of HFK's IT projects, together with both military and civilian personell. I mainly worked on integrations based on Oracle Applications instances around the country.
Faglig kompetanse: Prosjektarbeid i offentlig foretak, Oracle, integrasjon
Teknisk kompetanse: PL/SQL, SQL, Oracle Applications.
08/1997 - present Skaug Konsult, Kongsberg/Oslo/Melbourne
Consultant / Owner Planning, development and management of web based solutions, as well as some general technical consultancy. The client list includes Ericsson, Bertel O. Steen, Dekkpartner (tyre chain), Reitan Group (retail), Norwegian Tax authority, Akershus county authority, and Norwegian Police.
Faglig kompetanse: Produktutvikling, prosjektstyring, leveranse og gjennomføring, kundefokus
Teknisk kompetanse: HTML/CSS/Javascript, Delphi, Java, MSSQL, Oracle, Photoshop, PHP, ASP


02/2003 - 07/2004 [Certificate] Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Master of
1.5 year program, leading to a Master of Management degree. Main focus on leadership and management of people and organisations.
Faglig kompetanse: HR-/ledelsesfag generelt, endringsledelse, organisasjonslæring, selvledelse, re-engineering, internasjonal business og kommunikasjon
08/1995 - 05/1998 [Certificate] Høgskolen i Buskerud (Buskerud College University), Kongsberg, Norway
College Engineer
Computer Science
3 year program, leading to a College Engineer degree (equiv. Bachelor) in Computer Science. Main focus on software development methods and implementation using C/C++ and Java.
Teknisk kompetanse: C, C++, Java, OMT.
08/1992- 06/1995 Tinius Olsens Skole, Kongsberg, Norway
High School Cert. Upper secondary school. Major area of study: Computer Science.
Teknisk kompetanse: Programmering (Pascal), grunnleggende data-/ og elektrofag